Why do I need an online map of my cemetery?

Here are the main advantages of getting an online map of your location:

  • Connect with customers
  • Easy access for you and visitors
  • Lower costs of finding spaces

Connect with customers

In today’s mobile age, your customers (and potential customers) expect to be able to access information on the internet. Chances are that they found your location using the internet, whether to look up an address, a phone number, or view a map giving them directions. Providing directions and images of your location will help them trust that you are providing them the best, most up-to-date service available.

Easy access for you and visitors

Your mapping vendor should provide maps online using the most modern internet technology. This will allow you to access the information you need whenever and wherever you need it. It will also open your location to visitors to find a space quikcly and easily. This will increase customer satisfaction and referrals for new customers.

Lower costs of finding spaces

Faster lookups of records saves money and improves customer satisfaction. Business owners will often neglect to look at hidden costs of work-hours required to do daily tasks. Finding location information can be a time-consuming activity that can take the resources of you and your employees they could otherwise use to serve customers.

The Cemetek advantage

At Cemetek, we believe that mapping your cemetery should be an easy, cost-effective, and straight-forward process. We have built a patent-pending process to reduce costs and get your location mapped accurately and online as fast as possible. Here are some of the key features we offer to keep the costs down for you:


  • Online maps available anywhere  You and your visitors can access maps from any computer or mobile device
  • Detailed maps with competitive pricing  MapMyCemetery provides the most detailed maps at a price point that is competitive with any other offering available
  • Quick, powerful search  Our search capabilities allows you to quickly find any record at any location a lightning-fast speeds
  • Unlimited users  We don’t limit the number of users you can have on the system and we don’t charge licencing fees


Check out our other features on our features page and contact us to set up a free demo.

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