MapMyCemetery.com is the best cemetery mapping and management solution in the industry. Here’s some of our features:


Easy to use

Our interface is made to be easy. You’ll love using our simple system to manage everything that is important to your operation.

Access from anywhere

Access MapMyCemetery.com from any device anywhere you have internet access.

Unlimited users

There are no limits to the number of users that can use MapMyCemetery.com. There are no licences or licensing fees. Scale to how ever many users you need on the system.

Fast setup

We will transfer your data for you to ensure nothing is lost and to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Cost effective

Our patent pending process keeps costs low while providing the highest level of accuracy and detail. See exactly what a premium mapping solution will cost right now on our simple pricing page.


Our system doesn’t limit the your information. Keep your data without limitations on how you want to use it, no matter how specialized it might be for your needs. Our system conforms to you so you don’t have to conform to the system.

Backed up

You data is backed up in multiple locations so it is never lost.


Your data is kept safe with our secure connection and encryption. Easily control who can see and edit the information you want.


Why is Cemetek right for your cemetery?


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